AUDIO INTERVIEW: Author Brian Gore

Brian Gore was born back east yet felt as if he was out of place.  Fortunately for him, his family decided to move to Arizona when he was 13.  Not long after reaching the desert southwest he was wearing a wide brim black hat and riding horseback.  He began wrangling for a local rancher boots and spurs.  He grew up on the chaparral chasing wild cows.  He knew he had found where he belonged.

Although a vast number of years were spent in Arizona and Montana as a cowboy, he spent a fair deal of time in later years working on being a soldier,  carpet cleaner, hard rock miner, carpenter, night watchman, truck driver, hardware clerk, holster maker, wood cutter and horse rustler.

Due to this vast experience, he has been better equipped to utilize life’s experience in bringing his characters to life.  These characters are the fundamental foundation for his stories that exemplify the characteristics of honor, sacrifice and just downright tough western stubbornness that exude from the pages of his novels.

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